Boston Boudoir black and white photography birthday gift to herself

Why did you decide to have a boudoir photoshoot?

I did my shoot to celebrate myself! Over the past few years, I lost 30lbs, got divorced, and was turning 45. I wanted something to remind me I am desirable, I am strong, and I can do anything.

Boston Boudoir photography silk sheets plus size curvy women on bed

What drew you to Adriana Kopinja Photography?

I wanted someone trustworthy, female, and with classical work. Adriana was all of that plus caring, local, and is an amazing talent.

Boston Boudoir black and white photography

What was the boudoir experience like?

It was outstanding! Prior to the shoot Adriana and I chatted multiple times. She gave me tons of advice on what to bring for outfits (outside of what she has) and prepped me for what would happen on an actual day. When I arrived we chatted during hair & makeup and then got down to business. My clothing throughout the session transitioned from shorts & a button up to less and less. This helped me feel more and more comfortable. Also amazing was Adriana’s posing adjustments and tips. As funny as some of the poses felt the resulting pictures were amazing. I can’t recommend doing a session with Adriana enough to friends.

Boston Boudoir black and white photography Birthdays gift

What was your favorite Boudoir Photo?

I am torn between the one where I am laying down with my hand over my face and the one where I am lying down in only underwear with my hands over my breasts

Boston Boudoir photography black lingerie

How has the experience with her changed the way you see yourself?

Boudoir Session makes me see myself so differently. The photos are me but I forget that at times when looking at them. It is simply not a side of myself I am used to seeing. They are dramatic while being classy at the same time. I can’t look at them without being stunned that it is me.

Boston Boudoir black and white photography

What advice would you give other women?

To simply do it. Even if you never show someone the photos you need to do the boudoir shoot. Trust, in the end, you will want everyone to see them. They will make you see your beauty instead of the flaws we focus on when doing our makeup, getting dressed, or simply looking in the mirror. It changes your perception of yourself forever.

Boston Boudoir black and white
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