Phone call consultation

We start your experience with a phone consultation. If you are anything like me, you will understand that getting photographed and undressed in front of a stranger does not come easy. If I only exchanged a few emails with a photographer I wouldn’t feel the connection. Talking to you and learning about how you want to be photographed and what motivates you, your style is a crucial thing to decide if you are the right fit.

Wardrobe consultation

Once the date is set we schedule a zoom call to discuss wardrobe choices. It saves you plenty of stress to know what to bring and what not to pack. I have a large collection of lingerie in my studio and you are more than welcome to use any of my pieces.

Hair and makeup artistry

On the photoshoot day, we start the experience with transformation with our professional hair and make-up artist.
You will discuss your vision and ideas regarding your final look, you may also send me images. 

Professional posing

Professional posing it’s a part of the experience too. If you’re not a professional model you probably think that you will never look like the woman in my portfolio. Let me reassure you that I will walk you through the entire process and show you every single pose and then verbally guide you on what to do. I will also guide your facial expessions. 

Viewing and ordering appointment

Few days after the session reschedule a reveal appointment where are you will see your pictures for the first time. This is the time where you will decide on your Collection and the Wall Art.

Post photo session process

I will design your album in wall art and you will be able to see it digitally beforehand.
Once your art is delivered to my studio I will contact you and arrange the pickup time.
One important thing to mention is that I do offer pre-payment plans let’s come with amazing bonuses available only for the payment plans.
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