How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

You’ve taken the leap and booked a boudoir session. Get ready to feel like a supermodel! A boudoir session can feel like a huge step outside of your comfort zone, but it can lead to newfound confidence and empowerment.

If you feel nervous, that’s totally okay! This guide is designed to help you feel more prepared for your session so you can rock every shot.

Know what you want

Every woman wants something different from her boudoir session. Whether you want to bare it all or would rather stay mostly clothed is up to you. Just talk to your photographer beforehand about what images you do and don’t want and what poses and state of undress you are comfortable with. The more your photographer knows about your needs and expectations, the more prepared they’ll be and the more comfortable you’ll feel during your session.

Check out some of our favorite images from previous sessions to get an idea of exactly the style and type of images you want.

Choose your wardrobe

Not sure what to wear for your session? Bring items that make you feel sexy and stunning. That can be lingerie, an oversized sweater, or even a gorgeous dress. Boudoir is all about what makes you feel hot and strutting your stuff in your favorite outfits. Your photographer can also recommend pieces that will work best for your skin tone and body type.

Dress comfortably to your session

When you get dressed to go to your photo shoot, be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothes that won’t leave marks on your skin. That means no jeans, no bras, and no clothing with elastic bands. Those red marks from tight clothes will show up in your photos, and you want your skin to look as fresh and smooth as possible.

Don’t forget the accessories

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel the most beautiful. Maybe you have a glamorous piece of heirloom jewelry or a pair of six-inch heels that make you feel unstoppable. Choose accessories for your session that show off your personality and capture you at your most confident.

Hit the mall

If nothing in your closet screams sexy or makes you feel amazing, then it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping. Grab your best friend and pick out outfits and lingerie that you love. Just be sure to try everything on before your session, in case something doesn’t fit or doesn’t look the way you want it to. Check out Amazon links and the blog post below.




The Week Before Your Session

Get pampered

If you wax, make sure to do so at least four to five days before your session to avoid any unsightly bumps or redness. This is also a good time to have your eyebrows done and visit the salon for a touchup, if you need one. Make a day of it and get a manicure and pedicure while you’re at it!

Avoid tanning

In the days leading up to your boudoir session, avoid spending a lot of time out in the sun. While a nice healthy tan is great, sunburn or tan lines won’t look good in your photos. And absolutely don’t spray tan because it will give your skin an orange cast and just doesn’t look great. Remember, you want to look like your naturally beautiful self!

Stay hydrated

This is good advice for life, but especially for looking your best in your boudoir images! Drink plenty of water the week before and the day of your shoot to ensure your skin looks healthy and hydrated. You should also avoid alcohol and reduce your salt intake.

Try on everything one more time

Slip into those sexy new (and favorite) outfits once more to make sure they all fit. Remove any tags and labels and make sure every piece is clean and ironed or steamed. Hang up each outfit after ironing to make sure they hold their shape when you take them to the studio.

The Day Before Your Session

Have an at-home spa day

The day before your boudoir shoot is the perfect time to pamper yourself at home. Take a nice bath, shave, and be sure to moisturize. Once you’ve soaked, enjoy a relaxing evening at home with a good book or a favorite TV show and go to bed early to get plenty of sleep. You want to be well-rested for your big day!

Pack everything up

Make sure all your outfits are gathered together, and you’ve packed everything you need for your shoot. It’s a great idea to write out a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything. Pack any props and accessories, as well as extra deodorant and lotion, just in case.

The Day of Your Session

Look fresh and clean

Arrive to the studio with clean hair and a moisturized, makeup-free face. The makeup artist will ensure you look your best, so give them a blank canvas to work with. And be sure to wear clear deodorant so it doesn’t rub off on your clothing.

Give yourself plenty of time

Rushing leads to stress, so be sure to leave early for your session and give yourself plenty of time to find a parking spot and get to the studio. Check the traffic when you get up in the morning to know if you need to plan a little longer driving time.

Don’t forget to eat

You have a long day of posing and strutting your stuff ahead of you, so be sure to eat before you go. A full breakfast may make you tired or cause you to feel bloated, so eat something light and filling.

Take a deep breath and relax

The most important thing you can do on the day of your session is to relax and enjoy it. Feeling nervous is completely normal! Your photographer will be there to guide you through poses and positions, making sure that you feel comfortable.

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